Course Introduction: What to do

Welcome everyone in the Blogging 101.1 Online Course!

Here are the Course Requirements:

  • a Wordpress blog (either free or hosted) watch this video if you have not created your Wordpress blog yet.
  • you should have read and understood the FREE Blogging 101 e-book. Download it here
  • an existing business or a business plan

I advise you to watch and read every resources uploaded in this online course in order to attain your goals. I also recommend you to ask your questions (whenever you have one) in our group chat.

Also, please follow this schedule so you won't get overwhelmed by the lessons.

Week 1: Chapter 1 - More About Blogging

Week 2 - 3: Chapter 2 - Blogging with Wordpress

Week 4 - 5: Chapter 3 - More on SEO for Blogs

Week 6: Chapter 4 - Post Formatting and Grammar

Week 7-8: Chapter 5 - How to Blog Consistently

Week 9 - 10: Basic Digital Marketing Techniques

Thank you and cheers to your blogging success!

Lots of care,

Charlyn June a.k.a. Mother Ant